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Mobile ticketing will help address concerns about safety and physical contact. The transition to mobile tickets will also help eliminate frequent issues relating to physical tickets, such as theft, tickets lost in transit, forgetting them at home, etc. Mobile ticketing is the quickest and safest way for you to receive and utilize your tickets. Whether you want to download and store your tickets or transfer them to a friend, you can do that all from your Apple or Android device.

Click here to view the Hartford Wolf Pack Mobile Ticketing Guide.

Mobile Ticketing "How To"

How to Download Your Mobile Tickets

Step 1: You will receive an email and/or text message. Using your phone, open the email and tap on the link to access the tickets.

Step 2:

  • iOS: On the ticket access page, tap the Add to Apple Wallet button. This will open your Apple Wallet. 
  • Android: On the ticket access page, tap on GPay Save to Phone button. This will open your Google Pay app.

Step 3:

  • iOS: Follow the Apple setup steps by tapping Add on the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Android: Next, tap the Save button, and the ticket will be added to your Google Pay Wallet.

Step 4:

  • iOS: The ticket is then added to your wallet. You will see your ticket when you open your Apple Wallet.
  • Android: You will see your ticket when you tap the Open App button.

For a visual of this step, please click here for Apple or here for Android.

How to Login to Your Account

At the XL Center ticketing site you can access your tickets 24/7. Using your account you can:

  • View/add tickets on your mobile device
  • Transfer your tickets
  • Edit your account contact information
  • Renew your season tickets

Step 1: Enter your email or account # and password into the Returning Online Customer fields.

Step 2: Attending the game? Add the tickets to your mobile wallet.

Step 3: Not attending the game? Transfer your tickets.

For a visual of this step, please click here.

How to Transfer Your Mobile Tickets

Step 1: Login to your account using your email or account # and password.

Step 2: Select the desired game you wish to transfer Select a ticket from the desired game and click Transfer. Additional tickets can be added on the next screen Select all the seats you wish to transfer and click Continue.

Step 3: Type in the mobile number of the person you wish to transfer the tickets to and click Confirm.

Step 4: Review your transfer and click Transfer Tickets.

For a visual of this step, please click here.


How to Accept A Transferred Ticket

Step 1: You will receive a text message saying someone is sending you tickets.

Step 2: Login to your account using your email or account # and password.

Step 3: Click Accept Transfer the bottom will change, click it again to confirm.

Step 4: View the ‘How to Download Mobile Tickets’ page and download the tickets to your
mobile device.

For a visual of this step, please click here.


Why are we transitioning to Mobile Tickets?

Adopting mobile ticketing allows for quick and convenient entry into the
XL Center. It also reduces the risk of lost, stolen, or counterfeit tickets. Plus! It
allows you to easily transfer or sell your tickets.

Can I have multiple tickets on the same mobile device?

Yes! You can view all your tickets by swiping left or right on your smartphone. We
encourage you to transfer each ticket to each member of your party to allow for
easier and faster entry.

Can I print my tickets at home?

Mobile tickets should not be printed at home.

Can my party and I arrive at different times?

Yes! Please view the ‘How To Transfer Mobile Tickets’ page to transfer tickets to
your guests.

What if I don't have a smartphone?

We understand not everyone has a smartphone. Please call us at (860) 727-8010
for assistance.

When should I download my tickets?

We recommend downloading your tickets at home prior to the game to ensure
you don’t have service connectivity issues.

What if my phone runs out of battery or I don't have service when I arrive?

Please visit the Sunwave Gas + Power Ticket Office for assistance.